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November 6, 2012


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A FROST-y Tribute

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 12:17 PM

On behalf of all of us here, I want to make a very SPECIAL feature for my very best friend here on DeviantART, fellow co-founder, and ALL-AROUND badass artist KELLEY FROST!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!!

Through your art, you've inspired me and many others here. You're witty personality and highly positive outlook has helped me look forward to the future. :nod: The fact that you have never limited yourself any specific art-style shows that you have more talent and more imagination, and ambition than almost anyone else that I know. We ALL love you here and always look forward to experiencing what ya make next :iconheadbang-plz: Kelly, You are pretty much the DEFINITION of the word "MULTITALENTED" :clap: This is a tribute to YOU! :iconbadassplz:

Self Portrait 1 by whendt

For anyone who missed it HERE is my interview that I conducted with KELLEY FROST last year. Please take a peek:…    :party:

Kelley the Phantasmagoric Photographer! :camera:
Sunset in my backyard by whendtOld Farm Monster by whendtColor version by whendtDamn Goat by whendtRain over the hill by whendtGrainger blinded Eye by whendt54 Corvette GT5 by whendtGhost from the past by whendtDomino HDR by whendt

Kelley the Fuckin FABU Fractal Artist! :iconfractalplz:
Pond Scum by whendtAtlas Spher by whendtAnother Brick in the Wall by whendtSaturn Link Up by whendtLets go fractal mining by whendtHeart in a Box by whendtSunrise by whendtDeep Space Dreaming by whendtMountain of Mars by whendtShangri La by whendtSmile when your happy by whendtWhiplash Smile by whendtDance of Life by whendtSky Rockets in Flight by whendt

Kelley the Proctologist of Poetry! :iconhurrhurrplz:
Get The Funk Out
Get the Funk Out
I can think of ways to turn your thoughts on
Get you off while keeping your clothes on
Just give me the password to get inside
I promise I won't bite hard.
Don't try to hide
I just want to touch you
Kiss you
Or better yet...let me undress your emotions
Caress your mind process
I just want to ride on your train of thoughts
If your mind's a trap, I've already been caught
Let your mind do what it does
Open your mental gates and let me through
Because I wonder if your mind is ever on me
I would be your pillow just to be in your dreams
I keep thinking of our feelings, our chemistry
Rename myself ,memorize it if it would help you remember my name
Because I must admit your imprinted in my game
open wide...let me make love to you mentally
Lay down your thoughts with me
Relax your mind and be free
As I initiate the chills
down your unconscious spine
I want to use my words to arouse your mind
I'm trying to make your thoughts scream my name
I'm not te
I look around and see people holding out their hands,
But they always come away empty handed.
Everyone acts like they don't see them at all.
They want to be accepted,
They want to be loved or just to have someone help them.
My eyes fill with tears as I see another person trampled under
A new pair of Italian shoes.
Has life advanced so far that we don't need one another anymore?
I sat on my front porch this morning and admired the beautiful sun rise
On the south western sky. The deep reds and bright purples blinded me
And I drifted off into a day dream filled with birds humming around bright
Colored flowers and beautiful mountains in the back ground.
I came back to earth wondering how I could help my fellow man?
This scared me. How can I help man kind? Maybe I should donate money?
No that's too cold. Maybe I should give all my worldly belonging to the poor?
Still to cold and that would make me the poor.
Then it came to me like a bolt of lightning hitting me!
I will start out small by li
Me, myself and I
Your ghost still haunts me 
Your eyes look right through me 
I came upon your body 
I thought it was a lie 
Me, myself and I 
You told me not to lie 
You asked me not to sigh 
Still I wonder if you lived long enough 
Still I cry when I think of you 
Why can't you live forever 
Why must we die 
Me, myself and I 
Now I wonder if we will ever meet again 
Now I lay myself to sleep 
How come I couldn't express myself 
How long do I have to wait 
For so long I feared to sleep 
For now I have to say so long 
Me, myself and I
Lovers Quest
Tell me how it feels to kiss your lips 
Wars of passion were meant to be won 
Long for the night reach for the light 
New comforts reached in coupling 
Saying goodbye starts a new life 
Camping on life's shore upstream 
Love only stops on your doorstop 
Tell me where the stars shine 
I'll walk with you to forever 
I'll meet you on any shore 
Let me lift you up to heaven 
And make your mind soar 
Again life starts for just the right moment 
Make your dreams tell you why 
We were meant to be 
Coming to terms on soft beaches 
Dream with me on pillows made of clouds 
Let your body escape its pains 
Your eyes are windows to your soul 
Never more will you roam
White Powder Gold
Come back and play Miss Croft. 
Alexander has a new mystery for you. 
The world is your playground, 
And nothing is too hard for you. 
You have been to Greece, 
You have been to Rome, 
But Buckinghamshire is your home. 
Your father is gone, 
But they say time heals all wounds. 
I won't ask you to go back to The 
Cradle of Life. 
Because that would end all life. 
Indiana Jones found the Arc of the Covenant, 
And had some Nazi's over for a Bar B. Q. 
James Bond plays with the ladies too much, 
And he works for the Queen. 
Need I say more. 
Your mission if you so choose 
takes you to Samaria. 
A race of people there claim 
To be of alien descent. 
There you will find the answers to life. 
How they built the Pyramids, 
Where God came from 
And "White Powder Gold." 
"Food of the Gods." 
"Manna from Heaven." 
So Lady Croft will you answer the call
Go Away
Go Away!
I put up a wall made of LEGOs, 
You knocked them down like bowling pins.......CRASH~!!! 
We were never meant to be, you and I. 
When the storm clouds came. 
I knew YOU were to blame. 
I asked you why??? 
And all you did was cry. 
You are a shame that never washes off, 
You better go away!!! 
I never wanted you anyway!!! 
Your perfumed skin, 
Your painted aura. 
That annoying laugh. 
You drive me nuts!!! 
Try as I may to be kind to you 
But you won't let me!?! 
I have not come home to roost. 
My nerves are wearing thin. 
To the roof tops I will climb to get away from you. 
Just please go away...
Lost Hope
If I died tomorrow I would be a happier man. 
I am far better now than I was before. 
Your eyes were deeper pools of water. 
I ran home in the rain and you never even cared. 
I wish you had feelings in your heart like pain. 
Your lips are a balancing act I'd like to fall into. 
My hearts skips a beat every time you come into the room. 
Underneath your skin you will feel me wanting closeness. 
When the parties over I'll be there running away. 
There's a man like child in the toy box waiting. 
Come what may you left in June. 
Starry skies cross my ceiling. 
We never stood a chance to bloom. 
Your scent still haunts my pillow. 
Now I wonder the halls like a ghost that's lost its tomb.
Lustful Dreams
L-Longing for the touch of your hot skin. 
U-Unwilling to die without kissing your Red lips. 
S-Songs that fill this canticle of sadness. 
T-Trauma happens when mental orgasms are foiled 
F-Fully lost in your ocean. 
U-Unrequited love. 
L-Lust fills our soul. 
D-Daggers will pierce my heart if you will not remain. 
R-Raging hunger tills the soil of our loins. 
E-Eloquently words are whispered . 
A-An abacus counts the seconds you are away. 
M-Mirrors reflect our bodies in joy. 
S-Sometimes Lustful Dreams turn into.Love
A Tear Drops
I know I'm leaving 
I just don't know when 
Maybe it's easier this way 
My friends make it hard to say good bye 
I lost all hope 
And I lost the fire 
Things just never work out 
Angels trumpets summed the gates 
It won't be long 
I'm coming home 
My children cry in tangles of curls 
Loving never comes easy on wings so shy 
Let me know I'm missed 
Somewhere along the tracks 
Softly I weep in the pitch black keep 
The waters getting higher in my boots 
Tell me I did something right 
I lied when I told you, you cared 
You never should of laid your head at my feet 
Time waits for no one that couldn't of seen it coming 
Traveling through the clouds 
Sunshine is what he called me 
I remember what it felt like to be loved 
Playing the last card on the table spent on candy 
Now don't be shy 
I never will be coming back 
Tell us why you even tried to swim 
Better than a postcard
Do mystics wave wands on pillows made of frog's skin?
Do purple marshmallows bounce?
I'm tired of hearing because it's not a dog.
I want answers and I want them NOW!
Crowded poker parlors prance in the best ponies.
Silver tongued devils drive down right poorly.
Why can't water be tasted?
Yellow fish swim best in down filled fashion.
Carmen Santiago's carpet melted mildly into madness.
Again I ask why so glum?
If I was you and you were me would you mind?
Everyone everywhere eats electric eels.
Give to live is so over used in the garden.
Hell is a playground better not used.
Jackleg and Hyde unscrupulously died and Jill came tumbling after.
Now my story is done and there's nothing left to tell.
Why?........ Because it's not a dog.
Last Dance with a Killer
After waking from the long slumber of death
my rebirth and eternal freedom starts.
I think to myself "CRIKEY did I go to dark side".
And just then the clouds started to gather.
A thunderstorm was collecting like a monster
from a bad dream.
Lightning strikes and its claws are all around me.
I swear a stalker waits with his killer instincts.
The lightning is so loud it sounds like firecrackers
but I know that's not what the loud noises are.
The wind is building and then out of nowhere a memory
starts to play in my mind.
Like one of those HD video's you see from a Blu-ray DVD
for the first time.
The picture is so sharp it's like being there live, the sound so clear you expect to see
that THX icon charging up the screen and building to an almost unbearable blare.
Then it begins, I'm back in Ipswich barreling down Prince Edward drive
in my 67 Gran Torino and as I approach Devils Gully I
get this uneasy feeling.
The intensity builds as if some mystical force is driving me.
I look on and watc
A walk along life's past pt2
This would be easier if I was I wasn't thinking about other things like my Christmas list or do I have to pick up my car from the shop tomorrow. Alexander was growing more inpatient by every frivolous thought that crossed my mind. Then like a bolt of lightning hitting me square in the brain the frivolous thoughts went away like a fog lifting. I could think clearly now and Alexander knew in that instance what I wanted him to become. 
I walked over to examine Alexander and thought out loud "I think I need someone to examine my head "Was I really seeing before me a statue made of marble. I jumped when Alexander walked out from behind the statue. You are a silly boy! Haven't you ever read or watched a Vampire movie before? I was a little embarrassed to tell him that I had not. Alexander told me he could not turn into things that were not alive. 
I was still finding it hard to believe that he was a Vampire. I laughed to myself when I thought of Alexander becoming a poodle. This se
A Man All Alone
On a moon lit night on a hill deep in the woods 
A man stands in the tall grass 
The water laps at his bare feet 
And the love song of a bull frog can be heard 
The wind picks up and the trees make there bow 
Off in the distance lightning can be seen 
As the night begins 
The birds seem the saddest when night falls 
There songs of joy are the end to us all 
The man you may wonder is here to meet his one true love 
But that's imposable you say 
Because we all know she is dead 
The fog rolls in and the crickets begin there symphony 
Light bugs are adorn on every bush 
And as if the air dried up and left his lunges 
She did appear 
From out of nowhere 
And like the sun 
Bright as day light 
The man shed a tear because he knew she would return 
Wings made of down and a halo so round 
A gown so white 
With a voice, well you know like an angel 
The man said he couldn't take it w
How an Artist Feels
           Lifting up the dress of the world and looking under her saturated Gorgy exterior I wonder to myself if this planet is devoid of life. I breathe in a breath of what I think is fresh air. Her girth is torturous; her depth is full of kindness. I look out over the water that looks like a desert covered in blue dust and it reminds me of a song lost in my memory…. "If there's one thing in my life that's missing
it's the time that I spend alone. Sailing on the cool and bright clear water.  There's lots of those friendly people. They're showing me ways to go. But I never want to lose their inspiration" I forget how most of the song goes but my favorite part goes something like this…" The albatross and the whales they are my brothers. And it's kind of a special feeling. When you're out on the sea alone. Staring at the full moon like a lover"…
I know it's kind of trippy how things can turn flaccid in a bli

Kelley the Drawing Diamond! :icondrawplz:
Pencil Drawing by whendtCharcoal Sketch by whendtFlowers -Charcoal by whendtcharcoal still Life by whendtThem bones by whendt

Kelley the Multimedia MASTER! :worship::iconwhendt:
Content Aware Filter by whendtNikki Sixx Photo Mosaic Color by whendtElvis Photo Mosaic by whendtThe Beautiful Olivia Henry Photo Mosaic by whendtFire Lion by whendtDiamonEyes morph by whendtFriend Morph by whendtJo by whendtCat morph by whendtHome Page Design 3 by whendtHome page website by whendt After Effects CS5 by whendtAston Martin DB9 by whendt

Kelly, please continue to inspire and create. :nod: We all love ya here, and I for one am HONORED to have met you, and to be able to call you my FREIND! :iconsecrethandshakeplz2:

Journal designed by Vint26 - modified by jim373
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anjourekloos Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012   General Artist
this is how i met you eyezzy, through dusty sixxxx's incredible art. dusty is an INSPIRATION and one hell of a talented, gorgeous person. wonderful feature of his art!!!!! happy birthday dusty xixxxx, glad to be your friend. here are some boobies for you :iconpairofboobiesplz:
whendt Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student General Artist
mmmmmmm I like me some boobies LMAO!!! Thank you so
much JoJo I am blessed to call you my friend:)
Sorry I didn't get to this earier but I didn't know
there would be comments for it. Blonde moment lol.
Thanks you!!!

anjourekloos Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012   General Artist
it's cool dusty xixxxx :iconepicboogieplz:
DiamonEyes Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
YES! and If it weren't for Dusty Sixxx i would never have met you my sweet! :iconkissmote: This guy is a true inspiration and an even better friend :D
BigA-nt Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Interesting photos. Nice work. Happy birthday to him! :D
whendt Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you
DiamonEyes Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
:clap: Thankz for taking a look! :D
COLOREDINLOVE Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday Hon!
whendt Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you Brenda!!!
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